Letters from the Editor

Letter from the Editor #25: Goodbye Waterface

by Christopher Cappello In November 2014 I got in a car with Jeff and drove one hundred and thirty-four miles to Cambridge, Massachusetts. We were carrying a mixer, two speak­ers, a PA head, t-shirts, a handful of vuvuzelas, and at least two hundred copies of the first issue of the zine that I edited: #23, […]


Life and How to Live It: A Postmodern Intersection

by Christopher Cappello In 2006 my parents purchased R.E.M.’s CD compilation …And I Feel Fine, a collection of hits and b-sides spanning the band’s six-year tenure with the independent label I.R.S. Records. Disc two features a live performance of the song “Life and How to Live It,” recorded in the Netherlands on the band’s 1987 […]